CSPC Zhongnuo Pharmaceutical (taizhou) Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Group settled in China Medical City in 2011, and Taizhou is the marketing center and production base of the Great Health Division of Shijiazhuang Group. It is positioned in the production.........

"Doing good medicine for China" is our business philosophy. "Justice, benevolence, diligence and altruism" is the character of Stone Pharmacists. "Altruism" is for others, for society, and for customers. Therefore, "win-win" is our operating principle and our principle of dealing with affairs.
Do a good job of medicine, do a good job first|
Adhering to the enterprise concept of "Doing a Good Drug for China" and the enterprise ethics of "People-oriented, Harmonious Development", caring and trusting to create the best human environment for personal growth and development of employees, gradually formed the cultural connotation of "loyalty, wisdom, pursuit of excellence", "justice, fairness, diligence and altruism".
Quality oriented|
We will live up to the expectations of the public, take the health of the people as our responsibility, take high-tech, personalized products, warm and thoughtful service, in a wider range of fields, with sincere investment and selfless dedication, work with colleagues and friends from all walks of life, work with one heart and one mind, do a good job of medicine, pioneering and enterprising.

New Choice of Supplementary Vitamin C

Creating a Healthy and Good Life

Guoweikang Vitamin C Buccal Tablets of Stone Pharmaceutical Group, which have been on the market for 15 years, have been unanimously recognized by consumers. As a leader of vitamin C industry, he has won many industry honors, including the National Center for Public Nutrition and Development as a nutrition and health advocacy product, the Healthy China Brand List as a health product "Simpkin Award", the highest recommendation rate brand of shop staff for ten consecutive years, and the "Top Ten Positive Energy Events of the Nutrition and Health Industry in China in 2018".

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